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This is an extensive list of links to the sites where you can perform search on domain names, lookups.
Many of them are also providing services of registering domain name, so you can verify how low prices we have for our services.

  • Access WHOIS - Simple whois search that returns domain ownership.
  • - Domain name registration, domain name search tools, and domain name renewal for .com, .net, and .org domains.
  • - International whois service to check domain name registration from nearly all domain registries worldwide.
  • - Domain name search engine finds even misspelled and partial DNS names.
  • - Queries all registrars and allows users to receive detailed whois reports via e-mail. Contains links to all active and pending registrars.
  • The Big Whois - Search the database and register your domain name.
  • .BIZ Registry Whois - Search for the availability of .biz domain names.
  • - Offers whois lookups for .biz and .information domains.
  • - Registrar for domain names located in France.
  • CCWorld.CC - Search for .CC domain names.
  • - Connects to the various domain registration databases around the world and displays the current status of a domain name.
  • Cool-Whois - Domain search that features historical caching of whois information.
  • Curl Internet - Australian domain name registration and search.
  • - Domain name lookup and registration service.
  • Dodgy Domain Names - Domain name search tools, ideas and tips.
  • DomainsBot - The first place to go find a great domain name. Using their semantic search engine you can find hundreds of valuable available, expiring, expired or on auction domains. Try their LiveBot to customize your search. DomainsBot also provides a LABS area where you can find a innovative brain-storming tool like "Tag CLouds": type a keyword and build your domain name with the best related concepts.
  • Domain Fellow - Generates domain names. Combines keywords with a database of popular words. Provides multiple and custom domain name combination and query.
  • Domain Name Search - Search for available domain names with .com, .net, and .org extensions. Free domain parking.
  • Domain Names R-us - Australian based registrar offering a variety of domain names.
  • Domain Processor - Domain name registration for .com .net .org .biz and .info extensions.
  • Domain Spotter - Uses semantic rules and heuristics to search for available domain names.
  • The Domain Works - Reseller of .com .net .org and other domains extensions and related services.
  • Domainator - Checks for domain availability, trademarks, definitions, synonyms and related words.
  • - Domain name search and registration.
  • - Provides domain search and registration for several extensions.
  • DomainLookup - Basic domain name lookup service.
  • - Check for available domain names.
  • - Search and register the domain names of .com, .net, .org, biz, info, and the new .us.
  • - International accredited top level domain registrar.
  • - Domain search tool and registration services.
  • - Searches for all domains including ccTLDs and gTLDs at once.
  • DomainsForBeginners - A simple name search and guide.
  • DomainWatch - Statistics , URL checker, and the latest news.
  • dot cd registry - Search for .cd domain names.
  • - Domain name registration , whois look up, url forwarding for domains.
  • easyWHOiS - Lookup domains across all registrars and most country codes.
  • - Allows to search for available domain names and explains the relationship between country names and domain IPs.
  • Emotionweb - Find out if the domain name of your choice is available.
  • EuroNic - European domain name search and registration service.
  • ewonder Domain Name Generator - A collection of web based tools to help you search for a domain name.
  • Express Domain Names - Search and register .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, and .ws domain names.
  • - Searches the databases of all registrars of generic top level domains.
  • 123-free-domain-name-search - Domain search for .com, .net and .org, also offers registration.
  • Global Domain Registry - Name search and registration for Australia.
  • - Domain registration, based in the UK.
  • IDN Services - Provides domain name registration for .com, .net and .org names.
  • Internet Names Registry - Domain name search and registration for top level domains.
  • IP Whois - Identifies the owner and the IP address of the domain.
  • JPNIC Whois Gateway - Search domain names in English or Japanese.
  • - Whois service to look up internet domain information.
  • - Searches for various domain extensions around the world.
  • Metadog Whois - Detailed whois information on domains around the world.
  • - Register your given name as a domain name.
  • Name Droppers - Offers the capability to perform searches for domain names using multiple keywords. Supports com, .net, .org, and .edu domain extensions.
  • Namejack - Innovative tool for finding creative unregistered .com domain names.
  • Namesonic - Name search and expired domains.
  • - French Canadian domain name registrar. Accented and symbol characters available in a web address.
  • Nic.Uk - Official UK domain name search,,, and names
  • - Domain name tools and web hosting services.
  • Personal Domains Ltd - Scottish company selling domains with the and extensions.
  • - A multilingual and multi currency domain name registration service.
  • - UK domain name registration service. Find available domains with search wizard.
  • - A who is look up for various domain extensions.
  • RIPE database search - European IP address allocations (RIPE) database search.
  • rwtech - A domain name lookup site for the most common top level domains.
  • Schwarzl s Internet Tools - Domain check, email validation, webserver and IP check.
  • Search Domains - Search for available domain names in over 150 extensions, including .com, .net, .org,, and .cc names.
  • SearchNZ - Allows you to do fuzzy searches on .nz domains.
  • SEDO - Search engine for domains, sites and complete internet businesses.
  • - Registration of .com, .net, and .org domains from 1-10 years.
  • ShiftRegister.Com - UK based domain registration servce.
  • ShootyBangBang - Whois lookup to find out ownership information about a domain.
  • - Monitor and tracks domains about to expire.
  • - Whois gateway with domain lookups and other tools.
  • Titan Internet - Whois checker searches for domains with various extensions.
  • UK Domain Names Search - Check UK domains with these search tools.
  • Uncle Sherman - Domain name search and registration service.
  • - UK based domain names search and registration.
  • .US Registry Whois - Search for availability for the .us domain name.
  • USWebster - Features global domain search, whois, and domain wizard.
  • VeriSign Whois - Use this InterNIC/Network Solutions form to find technical details about registered domain names. (Previously know as Network Solutions)
  • - Search for available domain names.
  • World Whois - Domain registration of most extensions.
  • WW Names - Domain registration for many top level names including Australia.
  • - Whois service to check domain registration from nearly all registries worldwide.

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