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Targeted e-Mail marketing services FAQ

What is "Opt-In" Email?
Opt-In Email Marketing is the practice of building a list of subscribers and emailing them offers, promotions, newsletters and other email messages. The fact that the message is sent to a list of recipients that have asked to receive the messages or otherwise "Opted" to be a part of your communications is what defines a mailing as Opt-In.

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Targeted e-Mail and Opt-In e-Mail Services List
Below you can see a list of most popular opt-in and targeted e-mail marketing services.
  • Opt in bulk email service - The most affordable and effective  email marketing service!
  • eMailing Ads - Permission-Based Email. Double Opt-In NON SPAM email advertising.
  • Place Your Banner - When used properly, this opt-in, demographically targeted e-mail can build brand awareness and bring in customers like nothing else. That's why all the big names on the net use it!
  • MultiEmail Pro  - is an automated e-mail program with direct access to six databases. Add, remove,  search records, and send thousands of e-mails per hour without long   searches on the hard drive or without loading lists every time.
  • Email Platinum - Bulk Email Software that also includes various tools for bulk e-mail sending and address extraction.
  • Email Marketing - targeted opt-in email lists and emailing service - web site promotion software, tools and services.
  • EmailReaction - provides advanced bulk email for email marketing campaigns, newsletters and customer services. The system, developed in the UK, is the company's proprietary technology.
  • TargetEmailAdvertising - legal, affordable safe targeted email advertising solo ads and permission based opt-in email marketing campaigns to millions of prospects and buyers waiting to receive information about your products, services, offers and business opportunities!
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