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Dynamic DNS updates
All domains registered on eNom, Inc supports dynamic DNS updates. This means that cable, DSL, or dial-up users can run a web site or other server from their home PC, even with a Dynamic IP address (using a DHCP server).

Following applications let you use this eNom's feature. Every time you get a different IP your server will automatically update the IP in your domain name's DNS settings. Your domain name will be able to follow you wherever your IP takes you.

--- Windows ---


eNom Plug-in for DynSite
--- UNIX ---

--- OTHER ---
Java Dynamic DNS Client

IPCheck for OS/2

eNom C++ help code
(for your own C++ app.)

You can try out our demo instantly on-line:

Please note that this feature requires a little DNS and IP knowledge. See below for some helpful FAQs.

How can your Dynamic DNS help?
eNom has added a Dynamic DNS tool to their name servers. With this tool, your computer can publish a new IP address whenever it changes.

What do I need to do?

  1. Make sure the domain name is using eNom's default name servers.
  2. Have your domain's password near you.
  3. Choose a Dynamic DNS application listed on this page and install it.
  4. Configure the application to use your domain name, it's password, and point it to our update server:
What if I'd like to create my own C++ application?
Here is a document you can look at to get started: UpdateIP.cpp.

What is an IP Address?
An IP address is like a telephone number. Each domain name is connected to at most 1 IP. When you ask for "" that domain name is translated into series of numbers and your computer uses those to call it and ask for the page.

Why would having a Dynamic IP affect me?
It is easiest to use the telephone analogy to explain this. Assume that you have a telephone number that changes every day. This doesn't keep you from calling all of your friends. Since your friends don't know your new phone number from day to day, it is much harder for them to call you. For the same reason, if you have a dynamic IP, and are trying to run a web server, people can't get to it.

What is DNS?
DNS is an acronym that stands for Domain Name Service. Each domain is assigned a unique numeric address (called IP address) and DNS servers takes care of locating and routing information to the domains so that the world can find you. When you type the address "" into your web browser, your computer uses DNS servers to look up the IP address of the google web server. Once it has the IP address, your web browser can contact our server and ask for the web page.

What is a Dynamic IP?
Some Internet service providers do not assign permanent IP addresses to their customers (eg. dial-up modem). This means that your computer's address can change at any time. This is called a dynamic IP. Having an IP address that changes occasionally does not affect most users. It does, however, make it hard to host a web site on your computer.

Do I have a Dynamic IP?
If you are like most home Internet users and have a connection using a modem, DSL line, or cable then you probably have a dynamic IP address. In the case of a DSL line or Cable modem, some ISPs will allow you to pay extra for an address that does not change. This is called a "Static IP".

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