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Domain Back Order FAQ

What is domain name back ordering?
Ever tried to register a good domain name?

    • More than 25 million names are registered under .com, .net, and .org, though only a small number of registered names are in active use.
    • What remains? Millions become available at the speed of over 900,000 per month. Many are immediately taken — for most people, it's almost impossible to compete for the best names.

That's why we offer you back ordering domain name service.

For only $19.95 per domain we'll monitor the name around the clock and attempt to register it for you the instant it becomes available. The price includes the cost of your first year of registration.
Can I change domain name that I want to back order?
By paying for our back ordering service, you are buying a "slot" for domain name. This means that you can successfully back order 1 (one) domain name for payment received. You can change the domain on back order name anytime at no cost. If you would like to back order more than one domain name at a time, just buy more slots.
Can I check status of domain that are beeing back ordered?
It is possible to see all domain names that you have on back order. Just go to Back-order operations, My backorders page after you login. You will be presented with a table containing all back-ordered domains with theirs relative real-time statuses.
Is your service 100% successful?
We do not give any guarantee that domain names you have back ordered will be registered for you.
Our service has high degree of success, but there are many services of this kind in the world, and we are competing with them all the time.
Will you refund my money if domain name cannot be registered?
By our terms we do not refund money. You can use your back ordering slot to back order another domain name, or, on your request we can delete your back order slot and fund your account with 1 DRY so you can use it to register domain name you like.
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Check to see if domain name is still available. If not we will propose you alternatives, or you can back order it.
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