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Members FAQ

Why should I become a member?
First of all, it's free. Second, if you'd like to have these incredible domain name registration prices it is required that you become a member. Once a month (if you're subscribed) you will receive a free newsletter with news and promotions.
You can unsubscribe at any time.
Another advantage of being a registered user is when submitting your website with our free search engines submitter service, you will have your last submitted profile stored in our databases, so next time you won't be asked to fill all your data again.
What are premium, advanced and standard access levels?
On there are three different levels of user access:
    • Standard
    • Advanced and
    • Premium
At this moment, the only difference between these account types is in service pricing. Premium account has the lowest prices for almost all services offered. To learn more please visit our price list page.
To gain advanced or premium member services you're required to pay annual fee (read more about in the following section of this help).
How can I upgrade my account?
By registering as a new user on our site, you're automaticaly assigned a Standard user access level. To gain advanced or premium level prices/services you are required to pay annual fee as follows:

   Standard  Advanced  Premium
 Standard $80.00  $150.00 
 Advanced $80.00 
* All prices are in US dollars

Advanced or premium membership expires automatically one year after you have payed for it, and your membership level will be degraded to standard. You can always renew your actual membership level, or pass to higher (premium) level by paying for desired service.
How can I modify my information?
It is very simple to modify your information by going to Profile Information found on the upper-left part of a page. This area is not visible until you log-in. Once the page is opened, modify desired fields and submit changes.
Will my information be sold or rented to any third party?
No. Your information will not be sold or rented to any third party. For more information please be sure to read our privacy policy.
How to subscribe to free newsletter?
You don't have to be a member of our site to receive our newsletter. On the bottom of every page is a Newsletter link which will guide you to free newsletter subscription. Be sure to enter both your name & your valid e-mail address and that's it.
I want to change my username and password?
After you have logged in you will see on the left-hand side of the page a Change password link. Click on it and you will be required to input your old and your new password to change it.
However, you are not able to change your username because it's your ID - your passport to our site.
I've forgot my password. What can I do?
On the logIn page you'll see a link to "Forgot your password" page. You can choose between two password recovery models.
The first way is to provide your username, and the answer to the secret question selected when you first registered on our site. If we find a positive match in our database, you'll be presented with new page to change your password without entering the old one.
Alternatively you can insert your e-mail that you have used on our site, and we will e-mail you your current password.
How can I review my billing history?
If you want to see ALL of your transactions history, click on Transaction register found left-hand side of the page after you have logged in. On that page you will see all transactions, relative dates of execution and the amount paid.
If the transaction is marked in red that means it was either denied or failed for some other reason.
To see the details of certain transaction simply click on any of them, and in the new pop-up opened will be listed relative details.
How can I see all domains registered?
If you want to see all the domain names you have registered with us, go to Domain Manager after you have logged in. You will be presented with a table displaying the domain name and date it was registered.
If domain name in the table is "dimmed" that means that you don't own it anymore (eg. you've transfered it to someone else).
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