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Search Engine Submission FAQ

What is Search Engine Submission?
Suppose that your site is great, wonderful, has many services and information to offer, but 6 months after you've published it, it's frequented only by your friend, and, eventually, your friends frends. You need some kind of marketing to show it to the World. Well, we give you a FREE tool to do it!
Our site submission system submits URLs to over 45645 search engines including Google, Yahoo!, AllTheWeb and many other worldwide highly used search engines and directories. It also submits to over a 2.4 Million FFA (Free For All) link pages, over 98565 Classified Ads sites & Ads Networks and over 12765 Message Boards!
What is Validated Email? E-mail Address Validation Services e-mail addresses from being used by unauthorized users for illegal purposes or pranks. As of late, the Internet Marketing Community has been plagued with a rash of invalid e-mail addresses and participating in this program is our way to help out...
Validating your e-mail address(es) is optional but a large number of networks included in our submission system are using to verify the submitted addresses and validating your addresses prior to submitting will ensure your submissions will be accepted.
Why do I need to put site's description, keywords or title when I have them as META tags on my site?
Some of search engines do not support automatic META tags extraction & inclussion when they crawl your pages. So you need to specify them explicitly here. Since we provide submission also to FFA (Free For All) pages, Classified Ads sites and Message Boards this becomes very util since it's the only description of your site to them.
What is submission speed?
Literally is the speed you're willing to use when submitting your site. You can select from 1X to 6X.
What are categories?
Every site on search engines, FFA pages or Classified Ads must resides in some category. Since for every "engine" categories are different (by number, by content) we've unified them in unique lists of categories. This makes our submission service very powerful and very accurate when submitting sites.
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